Friday, 12 October 2018

Reiki Treatments

 You create matter, your perception is the key.

Reiki all healing energy.

$30/30 min

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Follow Up on a Reading.................

Here is a true story, I am not sharing names and details for the sake of confidentiality…

A client came to see me  at Witch Nail Salon in the shop, and we agreed she could use on going tarot sessions as  spiritual counsel .

She was so excited because we did her gel polish and she did a tarot reading.   This is a follow up on her  dilemma. She had asked initially about love and money let's keep it simple so to speak.

It has been a  few weeks and I was moved today by  spirit to  shuffle and share my reading with her.  I  did this complimentary as a bonus to her initial reading. 

I shuffled and drew the cards: Empress, Temperance, Emperor, Devil, Hanged Man and Justice. 

My guides were pretty adamant on her hearing the  message she  may not have been receiving from her own guides for  any reason or another. 

My take on this is the man she asked for help is working on it and to trust his loyalty and strength.  That a mother figure or your own mother is where you may need to look to for  domestic comforts at this time.  There is a relationship that is  going well and  in the process of  deep commitment however there is a need to look at the motive of the commitment. There is another way to look at things and that  maybe she is hanging on for the wrong reasons. To let go of the emotional blackmail.  The legal issue that we had discussed prior to  her first session is  in favor of her. 

I gave her my take on these cards I will share my experience of this reading in next weeks following.

 I want to hear your take on these cards…

Your Turn!
How would you interpret this reading? What advice would you give to my client? Please post your answer in the comments below 🙂

I can’t wait to read your response!!!

Monday, 1 October 2018


OUT OF SHOP TODAY... having some work done at the dentist. sorry for any inconvenience to my clients!

If you need to change or update your appointments please email or

text 250 469 1099 thank you!

Sunday, 23 September 2018

TAROT Readings by Email or Google Hangouts

A Rune or Tarot Reading can help provide;

  • guidance
  • guide you with basic direction 
  • Add reinforcement on your choices

Readings can illuminate areas of blocked focus, help bring reflection and or direction to issues.

Witch Nail Salon believes that readings can serve the way to  interpret your own intuition when you are in doubt. Traci will  chanel her guides, and share with you the  client what you are not  hearing from your own guides.

Let us see what the cards hold for you.   We have a reading for every budget, beginning at $45.

Tarot Sessions

3 Cards       $25.00 -  15 minutes face time 

6 Cards      $45.00 -  30  minutes face time 

Celtic Cross $75.00 -  30-60 minutes face time

* you the client will need to e-transfer your funds 24 hours prior to your appointment to ensure that  your funding is secure.  You will then be asked if you require online google hangouts or  email.  If you choose email, Traci will send a picture of the spread, as well as in depth information on the reading  with 2 additional email questions and replies.

Cleansing & Protection Work

Witch Nail Salon offers an old fashion Hoodoo style 7-day candle Protection and cleansing. Our loaded candles are bathed in a cleansing bath of herbs and solution before it is used

Local traditional herbs like home grown rosemary, sage, roots and gemstone pull the negative chaos out of the situation.

Kelowna Pagan Association blessed salt protects and surrounds so that the negative chaos can not come back.   Witch Nail Salon uses traditional oils, mantras, and a fully customized petition to make a clear road for you to achieve your goals.

This work can also be used to prepare the situation for deeper magic to be done alongside or after the cleansing work.

Removing bad mojo
Reversing crossing and dark magic work
Healing emotional, mental, and spiritual pain alongside  biofeed back work with relaxation therapy
Preparing a complex situation for more magic to be done.


2-day or 7-day candle working
Photos - emailed to you
Full candle Working & Remains 
One follow-up question about the report

Witch Nail Salon

1679 Pandosy St

Kelowna BC

(inside Sir Barber Shop)