Sunday, 23 September 2018

Cleansing & Protection Work

Witch Nail Salon offers an old fashion Hoodoo style 7-day candle Protection and cleansing. Our loaded candles are bathed in a cleansing bath of herbs and solution before it is used

Local traditional herbs like home grown rosemary, sage, roots and gemstone pull the negative chaos out of the situation.

Kelowna Pagan Association blessed salt protects and surrounds so that the negative chaos can not come back.   Witch Nail Salon uses traditional oils, mantras, and a fully customized petition to make a clear road for you to achieve your goals.

This work can also be used to prepare the situation for deeper magic to be done alongside or after the cleansing work.

Removing bad mojo
Reversing crossing and dark magic work
Healing emotional, mental, and spiritual pain alongside  biofeed back work with relaxation therapy
Preparing a complex situation for more magic to be done.


2-day or 7-day candle working
Photos - emailed to you
Full candle Working & Remains 
One follow-up question about the report

Witch Nail Salon

1679 Pandosy St

Kelowna BC

(inside Sir Barber Shop)