Sunday, 23 September 2018

Love Working

Witch Nail Salon uses traditional oils, mantras, and a fully customized petition to make a clear road for you to achieve your goals.

Typically I receive requests weekly for this work that people come to Witch Nail Salon for services.

For the work, we use blessed oils, fresh herbs and offerings, and Hoodoo Love powders. 

This work is usually best and swiftest for a situation where the couple has been apart less than 6 months or couples with  chaos and blockages in their home life. 

Here we work together in an old-fashioned hoodoo candle vigil. Witch Nail Salon makes a custom petition for your situation.  Love Binding work comes from heritage Hoodoo tradition. It is a 9-13 day doll and soul working.   Witch Nail Salon create, and work traditional hoodoo  consecration to the dolls that guide in building a deep, strong link to both of you and to the relationship. 

Together we work the dolls through several separate rituals for the mind, body, heart, sexual commitment, happiness, and soul in the shop with relaxation therapy and biofeedback connection. 

You will be asked to follow ritual to remove obstacles, increase passion, and happy hearth life. When the work is done you bury the dolls in the graveyard or retire them and seal the work so it lasts.. 

This is a permanent work. Remember this is binding, it will be dually advised that by doing this you want to be with your person for life and beyond and would strongly recommend getting a reading from a skillful and neutral reader before purchasing.


2-day or 7-day candle working
Photos - emailed to you
Full candle Working & Remains 
One follow-up question about the report

Witch Nail Salon

1679 Pandosy St

Kelowna BC

(inside Sir Barber Shop)

$50.00 - (2 day working)

$95.00 - (7 day working)