Sunday, 23 September 2018

TAROT Readings by Email or Google Hangouts

A Rune or Tarot Reading can help provide;

  • guidance
  • guide you with basic direction 
  • Add reinforcement on your choices

Readings can illuminate areas of blocked focus, help bring reflection and or direction to issues.

Witch Nail Salon believes that readings can serve the way to  interpret your own intuition when you are in doubt. Traci will  chanel her guides, and share with you the  client what you are not  hearing from your own guides.

Let us see what the cards hold for you.   We have a reading for every budget, beginning at $45.

Tarot Sessions

3 Cards       $25.00 -  15 minutes face time 

6 Cards      $45.00 -  30  minutes face time 

Celtic Cross $75.00 -  30-60 minutes face time

* you the client will need to e-transfer your funds 24 hours prior to your appointment to ensure that  your funding is secure.  You will then be asked if you require online google hangouts or  email.  If you choose email, Traci will send a picture of the spread, as well as in depth information on the reading  with 2 additional email questions and replies.